Please contact me to schedule a photo session.

Sessions are typically about an hour long and can be done at your location of choice within the metro DC area.  I'm happy to suggest locations that fit your vision for the photo session.

If you are outside the metro area, I'm happy to consider a session and can discuss the additional travel cost based on travel time.

Sessions are conducted predominantly on weekends as I hold a full time job during the week. 

Since I work in natural light, the magic hours for light are early in the morning or late afternoon.

Once we've found a time, we can talk closer to the session about more details and get a sense of you, your family and your unique style.


Kids look great in bright, fun colors. 

Try to find a color scheme that brings out their eyes.  Think about textures and layers and their surroundings. 

A little girl could look great in a bold dress and a little boy could pull off some funky plaid shorts and a bright polo.

For Mom and Dad- think about pulling a color out of your child's outfit to complement what they are wearing.  Think complementary as opposed to uniform.

Denim always photographs well. 

I'm happy to talk through ideas if you are unsure.  Feel free to pick out a few options and we can pick and choose during the shoot.

If we are off site, please bring a change of clothes for you and the kids in case of unavoidable spills or spit up.





Does your child have a favorite toy, book, boots or hat

Anything that is special to your child is part of their unique personality that we want to capture.  So bring along any favorites and we can try to incorporate those into the session!

For little ones I recommend bringing a snack and drink to provide a natural break if needed.







Newborn sessions are usually 2-3 hours, as they take a little more patience and tender loving care to capture that special moment!  The baby needs time to feel loved, safe, dry and well-fed.

Newborn photos are typically best in the first 2 weeks of life.

I prefer newborn sessions to be done at your home where the whole family is most comfortable and all your needs are at quick reach.  A room with a large window works best.  

A warm environment is the most conducive to get baby to fall asleep, so I will ask for a space heater or to turn up the heat in the room where we are photographing.  

Newborns photograph best in their preferred state- their own skin!  Soft blankets to strategically place or swaddle them in work well, and a few sweet outfits to change into are great. 

Dark, solid colors on Mom and Dad help keep the emphasis on baby and provide great contrast.

Your newborns safety is my top priority at all times.